This Woman's Faux Lash Horror Story Will Make You Cringe

Spider lashes may not be the most desirable look, but at least they only get their name from resembling the arachnids in question, not actually because someone thought to incorporate them into a lengthening mascara formula. (“Organic, all-natural ingredients,” indeed.) But clumpy mascara is the least of one British woman’s worries after she mistakenly attempted to glue — wait for it — a dead fly onto her lid in lieu of her faux lashes.
Molly Robbins, of Lancashire, England, is going viral after she shared her mum’s hilarious (but understandably mortifying) mishap to Twitter, complete with photographic evidence to back it up. “Text from mum — having trouble sticking lashes on without her glasses... turns out she was trying to glue a dead fly to her eyelid,” Robbins wrote. “I'm out.” And you thought uneven eyeliner was the worst thing that could happen to someone who decided to apply their makeup before putting in their contacts.
To be fair, Robbins’s accompanying picture is a testament to how a person with limited vision might easily mistake the clump of lashes for the deceased insect — squint your eyes, and they’re practically indistinguishable from one another. But we can only imagine the shock the unsuspecting woman must have felt when she discovered the truth about her lash-application struggle. On the bright side, at least she realised before it was too late and she’d actually left the house with a fly glued to her face.
Some users have replied to Robbins’s original tweet accusing her of making up the whole thing, but considering her feed focuses mostly on her career as a cake artist (which she’s incredible at, BTW) with no trolling or practical jokes to be found, we’re choosing to believe her. Why would anyone ever humiliate their mother by claiming she tried to glue a bug to her eyes if it wasn’t true? At least it wasn’t a wasp to her lips — then she'd just be a copycat.
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