The Breast Cancer Sign You Probably Don't Know

Women are often taught to search for lumps while doing breast exams, but many aren't aware that it's possible to have breast cancer that you can't detect that way. That's why Sherrie Rhodes, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, is sharing her story.
Rhodes wrote on Facebook on Tuesday that she was shocked when she was diagnosed because the only symptom she had was dimpling in her breast.
"I noticed it end of June, two days later I went to my GP who referred me to the breast clinic. I went there just over a week ago and had a scan which revealed a mass, I then had a mammogram which confirmed it so had some biopsies done the same day," she wrote. "I wasn't too worried, as there was no lump or anything."
Her scans came back positive. She's now urging other women who've noticed dimples in their breasts, but might not be aware that it is a sign of cancer, to make sure they get checked out. Rhodes credits a similar post from another woman online as the reason she knew it was something to worry about.
These posts do pop up every once in a while, but the majority of rhetoric around at-home breast exams still focuses on lumps alone — and it is important to know what you're looking for when it comes to tissue irregularities, too. In fact, Mayo Clinic recommends getting checked out any time there's a change in your breast size or shape, or if you notice any redness. Even small changes can indicate something serious beneath the surface.

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