There's Now A Dating App For Verified Twitter Users

Dating apps are ten a penny these days, meaning the quality of prospective matches can sometimes seem like it has – how do we put this? – depreciated somewhat. After receiving dozens of mindless “how’s it goings?” and “how was your days?”, sometimes we just want to be able to sort the intellectual wheat from the chaff.
Most apps, like Tinder and Bumble, sadly don’t generally let you narrow your search by quick-wittedness or online influence. But one app now hopes to help love blossom between verified Twitter users, aka those lucky folk talented – or famous – enough to have "an account of public interest".
Loveflutter allows verified Twitter users to browse and match with just those with the hallowed blue tick via its new "Blue" feature, BuzzFeed News reported. Blue tick users will then be able to flick between verified-only prospective matches and the common people of regular Twitter.
The verified-only feature will be enabled in just five cities – London, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Tokyo – but not until at least 1,000 eligible users have signed up in each place. Users who aren't among the first to sign up will have to pay a subscription fee, but the app hasn't yet confirmed how much this will cost.
The exclusionary tool might sound like it could simply fuel mutual back patting among the Twitterati's upper echelons, but Daigo Smith, the app's founder, has leapt to its defence: “We're like Tinder Select with a more transparent membership process," he told Mashable.
He also said the company was "pretty open" about "what [the app] is". He told BuzzFeed News: "It's not a hookup app or an ego-boosting, match-collecting experience. We're a date-focused relationship app, so it won't be creepy/weird, as everyone will be on there to find a date."
What better way to find a partner who's similarly glued to their phone? We'll just need to blag ourselves a blue tick first.

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