Love Island Has Finished & The Internet Is In Bits

Last night, the greatest TV show came to an end for another year. Yep, golden couple and bookies' favourites Kem and Amber took the Love Island crown and ended up splitting the £50k prize money.
But if you're struggling to feel happy for them because you're too busy working out how to piece your own life back together after seven weeks of neglect, we feel you.
Coming to terms with the end of Love Island is a bit like dealing with a death. It's difficult to accept at first, but once you've gone through Kübler-Ross's five stages of grief, you'll be able to look back with fondness and may even manage to crack a smile again.
We realise it's still early days though, so take solace in the fact that you're not the only one hurting. Many Twitter users were still very much in the first grieving stage last night: denial and an unwillingness to let go.

Didn't wanna forget love island 2017 so decide to make a sims villa ? #loveisland

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People attempted humour to hide their heartache.

? #loveisland

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For others though, the enormity of it all had really started to hit home.
Those further along the grief scale were just letting themselves wallow in their pain.
But some people were approaching the light at the end of the tunnel, accepting that life will just be a bit more shit now that Love Island's over.
But hey, at least there's always next year...

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