What Is It With Donald Trump & Handshakes?

Photo: Jens Schluter/Pool/Getty Images.
Back in March, the internet was unanimously weirded out after a snippet of Donald Trump and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, surfaced.
It was the first time the two world leaders met face-to-face and in the clip, Trump refused to shake Merkel’s hand.
At the end of their meeting, as the room erupted in clicks and flashes, one photographer asked the two leaders, whether they wanted to “shake hands?”
Merkel softly echoed the question to Trump. Trump, looking straight ahead to the flashing lights did not respond.
The exchange left the internet in a glass case of emotion for months.
On Thursday, Trump and Merkel joined for another IRL meeting ahead of the G20 summit in Hamburg. Presumably the two read the headlines about their previous social gaff and in an effort to show solidarity the two leaders gave one another a firm, socially acceptable hand-hug. Though best part is the photo that resulted:
Photo: Jens Schluter/Pool/Getty Images.
Why the stunned faces guys? In the video leading up to much-anticipated gesture, the two casually converse in front of the cameras. Though after watching, it’s clear Merkel was anxious to shake the former reality TV star's hand. When they first enter the room for their photo op, there’s a split second where Merkel stiffly raises her right hand preparing to grab Trump's. However, Trump was clearly feeling much more chatty this time around and missed the moment. Several seconds later Merkel leaned in again and the two sealed the deal. Check it out here.
Despite the semi-successful handshake, Trump is in hot water again after Poland’s First Lady, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, appeared to snub him in front of the world. After Donald reached out to Kornhauser-Duda, she strolled by Trump's outstretched hand and went straight to First Lady Melania. Despite the alleged shade, Poland's First Lady shook his hand in the end.

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