Applying 100 Layers Of Bubble Mask Is A Terrible Idea, As A Beauty Blogger Discovers

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
In July 2016, beauty blogger Jeely (no last name) took a viral trend to laughable heights. After a number of “100 Layer” videos began sprouting up online, a number of bloggers jumped aboard the beauty video trend, which showed us what we’d look like after applying 100 layers of lipstick, mascara, and beyond.
On nearly the one year anniversary of Jeely’s hilarious (and frightening) “100 Layers Of Foundation” video, she’s back. In a video uploaded to her YouTube channel, the beauty blogger applies 100 layers of the popular carbonated bubble face masks that have virtually taken over our beauty feeds.
“This feels like gelatin,” says Jeely, while opening a jar of the internet famous, Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. Less than two minutes in and after applying only 10 layers, viewers can already see the mask’s thick consistency posing a challenge for the determined blogger. Nevertheless, she persisted.
The result? Jeely looks both terrified and equally terrifying. “You guys can’t even see my face and I can barely see you,” she says, peering out through a half-closed eyelid. “This might be the most stupid idea I’ve ever had,” she says. And you know...we kind of believe her after seeing her beet-red face and hearing complaints about the severe itchiness while removing the mask.
In June, actress Lucy Hale shared a hilarious video of herself indulging in this beauty masking trend. “You guys, I thought that this was a scam. I had no idea it was going to bubble up this much,” said Hale said to the camera. “If you listen closely, you can hear it bubbling.” Luckily things worked out well for the Pretty Little Liars star.
Check out the hilarious video below and thank your lucky stars that we have adorable bloggers to do all of those things we’re curious about, but will never, ever do.

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