These Liquid Lipsticks Are Inspired By Your Favourite Scary Films

Update: Halloween may have seemed worlds away when LASplash first teased its horror-inspired liquid lipsticks back in June, but here we are, at the tail end of September, with the news that we can expect the goods to arrive within the next few weeks. While the brand has yet to announce a specific launch date, it confirmed via Instagram yesterday that the Classic Horror collection is officially dropping in October. (Which, believe it or not, is just a few days away.)
The product photos revealed the full lineup of eight shades, from the warm, wearable blood red Frankie (after Frankenstein, naturally) to the slightly less essential Ms. Invisible (presumably a relative of Dr. Jack Griffin, the Invisible Man), an unsettling greyish green.

Part 2 #classichorror

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As several commenters have already noted, there’s just one thing amiss: While the first teaser showed each tube with the original retro artwork from Universal Studios monster movies, the actual liquid lipsticks feature illustrated female versions of the films’ titular characters. So they’re a little different from the initial imagery, but so what? All the better for inspiring you to pair your sexy-mummy costume with a greige lip.
This article was originally published on 26th June 2017.
Everywhere you turn, there’s a beauty product specially engineered to appeal to the part of you that wishes you were five again. Between Crayola nail polish, Care Bear eyeshadow, and Betty Boop lipstick (and that’s just to name a few), there seems to be something for everyone.
But what about those whose fondest childhood memories didn't involve cuddling with stuffed bears or drawing in their Barbie colouring books, but staying up way too late, wide-eyed and terror-stricken in the best way, watching the same black-and-white monster movies that terrified your parents before you, and maybe even their parents before that? From the looks of a recent Instagram teaser, LASplash Cosmetics has something for them on the way, too.

Hmmm... new collection? New soft formula!

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“Hmmm... new collection?” the caption teased, alongside a product photo of what looks to be five liquid lipsticks. Each tube's cap is adorned with an instantly recognisable poster from a classic horror movie: Dr. Jekyll &Mr. Hyde, Dracula, Bride of Frankenstein, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and the original The Mummy — not the remake.
Considering all five films came out in the early ‘30s (with the exception of The Creature from the Black Lagoon, which was released in 1954), LASplash’s new lineup throws it back just a little further than the ‘90s revival we’ve seen over the past few years. But these are timeless movies we’re talking about, and if you consider yourself a horror buff, there’s a solid chance at least one of them played a role in influencing your current obsession. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on the launch — and whatever you do, don't turn out the lights.
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