Breastfeeding Doesn't Stop For Anything — Even Your Wedding

Many women grow up hearing that their wedding day is all about them, but for some breastfeeding mums, that certainly isn't true. Because the thing is, your baby doesn't stop being hungry just because you're getting married.
That may be why a recent photo of a bride breastfeeding while she gets her makeup done has gone viral. It shatters the idea that a woman can be or are 100% selfish on her wedding day (not that that's a bad thing).
The image is of Mancunian bride Beth Johnson, who actually asked her photographer, Jonny Draper, if he could take a photo of her feeding her 4-month-old son, George.
Draper thought the moment was so beautiful, he asked Johnson if he could share it on his public Facebook page, and she said yes.
"When you're getting ready to get married, life with your beautiful children doesn't stop," Draper wrote on the Facebook post. "Don't get me wrong, I love a smoke bomb, some cool lighting, but real moments like this are why I love being a wedding photographer."
People love the realness of this photo.
"What a truly wonderful moment to capture ? the pure grace and elegance is stunning," one person wrote.
"One of the most beautiful pics I've ever seen. Ur little baby looking up at u," wrote another.
The photo captures a special moment for Johnson.
"I asked Jonny to take a picture of me feeding George as time passes so quickly and I wanted a keepsake to remember this special time in our lives and that moment on the day," she told Manchester Evening News.
"He captured the moment perfectly and I will cherish this beautiful photo forever."
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