Kate Middleton's Dad Totally Embarrassed Her At Wimbledon, Proving She's Just Like Us

Have you ever attended a classy affair only to have one or both of your parents pull a totally embarrassing stunt? If the answer is "yes," congratulations: You have something in common with Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge is featured in an upcoming BBC1 documentary about Wimbledon and she shares some of her favourite moments from the tennis championships.
Although we can't get enough of Middleton's facial expressions as she watches the match, our favourite story is about that time her dad totally embarrassed her at Wimbledon.
"My father [Michael Middleton] is not going to appreciate this, but we were walking past Tim Henman and we had just seen Sampras play," Middleton recalled. "My dad said very coolly, 'Hi Pete'...I was mortified!"
Such a dad move, right?
But that's not all: Middleton also spilled some tea on her mom's celeb crush.
"Roger [Federer] is my mother's heartthrob. I don't think she will mind me saying that!" the Duchess shared. "I think he probably knows that too."
Federer is actually good friends with the Middleton fam and was recently a guest at Pippa's wedding to James Matthews. So if he didn't know about Mrs. Middleton's crush before the documentary aired, he will now.
Middleton's one Wimbledon regret is that she missed Andy Murray's historic win in 2013. But she has a good excuse: She was eight months pregnant with Prince George at the time.
"I was very heavily pregnant with George so I wasn't able to turn up," she said. "I wrote to [Andy Murray] afterwards saying sorry for not being there but huge congratulations."
The Duchess will definitely be in attendance when Wimbledon 2017 kicks off on Monday. For the first year ever she'll be attending as patron of the All England Lawn Tennis Club, a role she took over from the Queen.
"Being able to go into Wimbledon and be part of what is so amazing there, the atmosphere, is incredible, whether you're sitting on Henman Hill or are fortunate enough to be in one of the Centre Courts," Kate said of the event. "Every time Wimbledon is on I am thinking, 'Yes, I could do the same' and get out the racket. Sadly, never the same results."
A few embarrassing antics from your parents are a small price to pay in exchange for the royal Wimbledon experience.

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