What You Can Do To Support Victims Of The Grenfell Tower Fire

This week's devastating, fatal fire at Grenfell Tower in west London has attracted worldwide attention and shaken many of us to the core. We're shocked and heartbroken at the tragic, needless loss of life, and our thoughts are with the victims and everyone else affected by the incident.
Kindhearted Londoners, particularly in the surrounding west London community, have come together to offer shelter, sustenance, clothing and other useful items, and support to survivors, many of whom have lost everything; and people all over the country have donated to online fundraising pages.
Many of the nearby drop-off points and help centres have been so overwhelmed with donations that they've stopped accepting new items because of the labour required to organise them. So until support workers begin accepting donations again, what can we do to help survivors? There's donating money directly, of course, but here are some other suggestions...

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