Katy Perry Says Donald Trump Had A Role To Play In Her Sexual Liberation

Katy Perry has been getting real with fans lately by exposing them to her therapy sessions and heart-to-hearts, opening up about becoming a feminist, admitting to her past cultural appropriations, and even saying that she's ready to move on from drama with Taylor Swift.
And though we thought we knew everything there was to know about the "Swish Swish" singer after her four-day live streaming event, there appears to be a new, even more shocking tidbit: Perry credits Donald Trump's presidential victory for her newfound "full sexual liberation," according to People.

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During an interview with The New York Times, Perry, who campaigned for Hillary Clinton, said that Trump's victory changed something in her.
"I feel very empowered — extremely liberated, liberated from the conditioning of the way I used to think, spiritually liberated, politically liberated, sexually liberated, liberated from things that don’t serve me," she told the Times.
She later added: "The reality is that I was retriggered on the election. I was retriggered by a big male that didn't see women as equal. And that had been, unfortunately, a common theme in my upbringing."
The "big male," of course, is Trump.
Perry has been quite vocal about her childhood over the past few years, noting her religious household (both of her parents were Pentecostal pastors) and the differences between her current politics and those of her parents. But in the Times interview, she admitted that while she has a steady relationship with her family, there's still work to be done, and they're spending time in group therapy.
"I went to that dark place that I had been avoiding, and I dug out the mold," she said. "It was not fun, but I did that — I'm still doing that.
While speaking to Today earlier this week, Perry admitted that her parents still struggle to understand her current lifestyle.
"They don't agree with some of the things I do, and they do wish that I could do other things," she told Today, though she didn't specify what any of those things are.
Hopefully, Perry can continue on her path of self-realisation and honesty as she strives to live a more authentic life.

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