Celebrities React To James Comey's Movie-Making Testimony

Photo: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic.
Today, all eyes were on Washington D.C. when former FBI Director James Comey took the floor at Capitol Hill to talk about his investigations involving President Donald Trump and Russia. The testimony attracted audiences all over the country and the world as he gave his first public statements since being fired by Trump. For a little over two hours, Comey spoke and answered questions regarding the findings of his investigation, which ultimately led to his firing. He also elaborated on his frustration with the administration, at one point telling senators, "Lordy, I hope there are tapes," in regards to his conversations with the president.
From the moment he appeared, the internet couldn't help but notice how tall Comey is (he's 6'8"), and how this iconic testimony was basically a Netflix movie in the making. (I vote to cast Will Ferrell for his part.) Included in those watching and waiting to learn new information about the circumstances of Comey and Trump's severed relationship were celebrities.
Naturally, some of Hollywood's finest had some opinions to share on the matter, and took to Twitter to let out their best jokes and frustrations with Trump and the overall state of U.S. politics in 2017. Their tweets ranged from the hilarious, like Better Midler's punny cocktail hour joke, "People are having drinking parties for #JamesComey's testimony. They'll be Comeytose by 11am....," to the preposterous, like Lily Allen's conspiracy theory: "What if the Russians killed all the famouses that died in 2016 to distract us from hacks."
From Andy Cohen to Lorde, here are the most intense reactions to Comey's testimony so far.

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