The Diplomatic Bromance Between Obama & Trudeau Is Still Going Strong

Photo: CHRIS ROUSSAKIS/AFP/Getty Images.
In late May, the Universe gave us the gift of witnessing a new diplomatic bromance bloom: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron. And this week, we also got a sweet reminder that the friendship between former President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau is also still going strong.
The two leaders met for dinner Tuesday night after Obama gave a speech at the Montreal Board of Trade. He took a few digs at President Trump (without saying his name) and addressed topics such as climate change, the rise of populism, fake news, and the importance of standing by certain global institutions.
After the event ended, Obama and Trudeau went to grab dinner in the St. Henri neighbourhood. The Canadian prime minister tweeted a picture of the dinner and said, "How do we get young leaders to take action in their communities? Thanks @BarackObama for your visit & insights tonight in my hometown."
(In our opinion, not adding heart emojis to this tweet seems like a wasted opportunity. Trudeau had some characters left. Yes, we checked.)
Obama's eponymous organisation also posted a photo of the encounter on its main Twitter account.
Naturally, people on social media were glad to see the two leaders reunited, and it led to a barrage of memes. Some people speculated that they had dinner to please their fans.
Others focused on how lovingly Trudeau looks at Obama.
There was obviously that person who just had to make a covfefe joke.
Some wondered if the encounter hurt the feelings of former Vice President Joe Biden, whose friendship with Obama is just too pure. However, in May we learned that Obiden is strong as ever, so we wouldn't worry about it. It's very likely Biden may not be the type of person to share his ice cream, but we think he can share his friend.
And finally, a couple of people suggested that Macron should join Obama and Trudeau for dinner. Or you know, they should join forces to save the world.
What do us girls gotta do to get invited to the next Obama-Trudeau dinner?

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