Rihanna & Kim Kardashian Are Making A Case For Power Blazers

Photo: Felipe Ramales/Splash News.
If you've followed the ebb and flow of trends, even slightly, you've probably felt the impact of a strong woman in a suit. And, while today's power suit may hold different significance (thanks to the meeting of '70s era feminists and the army of modern day Pantsuit Nation groupies), it's kind of wild to think it was once a controversial style statement. But today's It girls have co-opted the trend and turned it into somewhat of a wardrobe staple.
Over a century ago, French actress Sarah Bernhardt shocked 1870s Paris society with her "boy's clothes," and her leading role as Hamlet in 1899. That legacy was made camp (and very glam) when Julie Andrews took androgyny to the silver screen with Victor/Victoria, in the '80s, providing fashion and cinema with an image that would go on to be referenced in collections and films for decades to follow. The suit is still going strong, of course, strutting across all sorts of red carpets.
But lately, the suit has been getting more air time than normal. We're not mad about it, though. That's why we've compiled the hottest suits of late, just in case you'd like to take power dressing into summer, too. Whether it's a full-blown pantsuit à la supermodel Aymeline Valade, or an oversized blazer that doubles as a dress like Rihanna's Fashion Week look, power dressing is shaping up to be the trend we just can't quit. But really, when it looks that cool, who would want to?

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