Why People Are Up In Arms Over This Viral Tweet About A Boy & His Crush

On Tuesday, a Twitter user who goes by Jarly (@jarelyxx) tweeted about her 13-year-old brother, who has had a crush on the same girl for years, only to have his advances turned away each time. Her post also includes photos of said brother, along with images of his Snapchat exchanges with the object of his affection.
"my 13 year old brother has liked the same girl since pre-k and he gets rejected year after year," she wrote. "jazmin is a lil dumb and sleeps on him smh."
At first glance, it's an innocent enough tweet — but it has people worked up, especially as some Twitter users replied to imply that the girl was somehow at fault for rejecting this boy.
In particular, a Twitter user named Connor (@ConnorAMiller) came under fire after replying with a tweet that implied that the girl deserved to die for rejecting someone's advances.
We sincerely hope that Connor just went troublingly overboard in his attempt to show sympathy for the boy, but as some other users pointed out, his reply proves just how much we as a society don't respect a woman's right to say no.
But he wasn't the only one — other users mentioned wanting to "fight" the girl, which, joke or not, had some pretty heavy-handed implications.
To be fair, the original tweeter's brother seems to have backed off in his Snapchat's message in the end with a simple "Oh it's ok don't worry about it" after being rejected, and still has time to learn that it's not okay to harass someone year after year. We may not know his full story, but the replies to this tweet are way more telling: some people think it's funny to joke about hurting a little girl for rejecting a boy.
In case it hasn't been said enough (and apparently, it hasn't) — jokes like this can perpetuate the very real ideas that lead to women being hurt or killed for turning down a man. And in case you didn't know, it happens way more often than we may think.
Refinery29 has reached out to the original poster for comment, and will update this post if we receive a response.

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