You Can Use All The New Emoji Right Here, Right Now

If you aren’t a Twitter user, you may consider starting today: As of now, the site is the only place where you can access the 69 brand new emoji. iPhone users will need to wait until September, when iOS 11 will likely roll out, to access all of them for iMessage.
Jeremy Burge, the Chief Emoji Officer at Emojipedia, a site with literally everything you could ever want to know about emoji, officially alerted the world to the news today. There are new wizards, witches, fairies, vampires, and also dinosaurs and a bearded man emoji.
According to Emojipedia, Twitter’s Twemoji 2.3 marks the first use of Emoji 5.0 since they were officially approved by Unicode this past March. The site explains that many of these look slightly different than they will on your iPhone, since the way the designs appear varies based on the fonts included on each platform.
Unfortunately, the emoji are only available on desktop for now. So, if you were hoping to simply cut and paste an emoji from the Twitter app into a text, you’re out of luck.
Among the oft-requested emoji that are finally arriving with this version are a woman wearing a headscarf and a breastfeeding woman. For all your foodie needs, there is also a much expanded meal, ingredient, and utensils selection to choose from. Included are a fortune cookie, takeout box, pie, chopsticks, dumplings, a pretzel, a can of what looks like tomato sauce, a sandwich, broccoli, a coconut, and a bowl with a spoon. There's also the slightly less appealing cut of raw meat.
You'll have to wait until 2018 to see if curly hair and other styles make the cut, though.
If all the new emoji make your head explode, there’s also an “exploding head” emoji to show how you feel.

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