This Woman Used Makeup To Get Revenge On Her Boyfriend — & It's Epic

Photo: Getty Images.
When a significant other does you wrong, there are usually one of two ways to respond: 1) You take the "Shake It Off" high road. 2) You go the "Bad Blood" route and get revenge. The exact retribution depends, of course, on the offence at hand. But, on a scale of slashing car tires to a serious case of side eye, we'd say this story falls smack-bang in the middle.
It all started when Natalie Weaver, of West Yorkshire, was looking forward to a date night with her boyfriend Stephen Hall. According to the Daily Mail, Hall stayed out partying with friends until 6 a.m. the evening before their date. Like we've all surely experienced at one point or another, that equation of alcohol plus little sleep means a skyrocketed chance of being PTFO for a portion of the next day. Which is exactly what happened in this case.
But instead of chalking it up to poor decisions, Weaver decided to get even — and make sure Hall really got his beauty sleep. When he was out cold, she proceeded to give him a thorough Instagram-worthy makeover, complete with baked foundation, highlighter, false lashes, cut-crease eyeshadow, highlighter, lipstick, brows — the whole sha-bang. See the hilarious (and impressive) beauty look, below.
"He woke himself up with the long nails and he had half opened his eyes in the mirror. He didn't think it was himself at first," she told the publication. "He was just shocked and asking what's happened. I tried to convince him he had come home like that."
The move was brilliantly vicious, if we do say so ourselves. But transforming her boyfriend was all in good fun: "I'm actually quite pretty," Hall said. Julia Roberts would be proud.

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