You Haven't Seen Rainbow Highlighter Until You've Seen This One

So maybe you’re not so crazy about the whole unicorn/mermaid/Harry Potter/close-your-eyes-and-pretend-you’re-a-kid-again trend in beauty right now — and that’s fine. It’s not for everyone. Maybe you’re more into the darker stuff going on, like hair that makes you look like a fashionable teenage mall goth. That’s cool, too. But no matter which side of the spectrum you gravitate toward, let’s get one thing straight: The rainbow highlighter from Chaos Makeup transcends trends. (Say that three times fast.)
You can’t swing a dead cat on social media right now without hitting a video of this next-level product in action. It looks like your standard-issue rainbow highlighter in the pan, but once the creamy powder (the coconut oil-infused formula gives it a totally unique texture) is smoothed onto skin, it transforms from a pleasant sheen into a kaleidoscope of colour.
It might look like magic — well, it does look like magic — but what we’re seeing here is the colors of the highlighter coming to life where the light hits. Now, to be clear, that’s how every highlighter works: It looks unremarkable until it catches the light, and then suddenly it’s like a laser beam is shooting off your cheekbones.
But there’s something really special about this iridescent formula. Maybe it’s the natural, vegan-friendly ingredients, or the buildable coverage, or its inescapable Instagram presence… or maybe it’s just the fact that it isn’t sold out yet, so you can still place your order on Chaos Makeup's website right now. Yeah, that's pretty special.

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