You Need These Special Wine Glasses For Summer Rosé Drinking On The Beach

Day drinking outside during the summer has never stopped being fun, even after graduating college. However, one thing we're pretty much over at this point are those not so cute and not so good for the environment Solo Cups from the days of our youth. But what are we supposed to do, bring beautiful glass wine goblets down to the beach or out to the park? Not the most practical answer. Finally, there is a very inventive solution, and it's aptly named The Beach Glass.
The Beach Glass, according to Delish, was actually invented by accident. The creators Jason Klinge and David D'Agostino were hanging out on the beach one day when a wine glass was unintentionally broken. The base has shattered off, leaving the sharp stem, which Klinge shoved into the ground. The two thought wine glasses that stuck into the sand or grass might actually be a really good way to avoid ever spilling your rosé while outside again, so they pursued it. And, since spilling rosé is pretty tragic, we're glad they did.
The Beach Glass is available online in two different designs and over ten summery colours. Each one is made out of durable, BPA-Free acrylic so you can reuse them every time we drink outside this summer. The ball in the middle of the stem ensures your drink always stays upright, and get this, they also float. That means you can keep the party going even when taking a dip in the pool, lake, or bathtub.
Plus, outdoor drinking doesn't even have to end once winter rolls around. When cold weather comes your way, simply switch to red wine, change out of your bikini and into a snowsuit, and stick your glass in the snow. Each original Beach Glass is $9.99, and the Caribbean Beach Glasses, which have a funkier squared-off shape, are $10.50 each.

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