Anastasia's President Just Went Off On Someone Who Leaked Product News

It’s possible that you might have seen the word “leak” somewhere in the news recently — in bold lettering on a chyron, perhaps, or in a headline from the New York Times. When used in this context, a “leak” is defined as “an intentional disclosure of secret information.” In a sentence: “President Donald Trump has been accused of leaking classified information to the Russians,” or, alternatively, “Anastasia Beverly Hills President Claudia Soare delivered a strongly-worded rant on Twitter directed at unnamed persons who leaked photos of yet-to-be-announced products on social media.”
So, that happened. Soare, who’s not only the president of the cult-favourite brand but also the daughter of its founder and namesake, took to the social media platform to call out who she believes to be a friend of an employee who works at a retailer or manufacturing company that stocks Anastasia Beverly Hills. According to Soare’s tweets, this “friend” leaked an image of a new eyeshadow palette to Reddit, where it quickly went viral. The post was eventually deleted, but not before every trend-spotting blog and Instagram account got the first look at the palette, before the brand even had a chance to break the news.
She also posted a screenshot of the Reddit thread in question, where the original poster had captioned the photo, “A friend of mine works for ABH and snagged me one hot off the presses.”
For what it’s worth, Soare definitely has a point: The people who work behind the scenes and put the time and energy into making your favourite products the best they can be, from the marketing to the execution, deserve enough respect that their months (or years) of hard work isn’t being outed in a single Reddit post by a careless customer. We just wish all presidents took leaks so seriously.

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