A Guide To Harry Styles' Best Gucci Outfits (Because Why Not)

Photo: Mark Robert Milan/GC Images.
No one wears Gucci like Harry Styles. We know, celebrate, and squeal over that now. But it wasn't too long ago that he was but just getting acquainted with Alessandro Michele's Gucci. Thanks to accounts like @harryworewhat, we're able to go back and trace the origins of Styles' love affair with the designer's reinvention of the Italian brand. And the trail takes us back to 2015, as One Direction was entering its final, Zayn Malik-less chapter: Of the then-five, now-four members of the group, Styles pretty much consistently distinguished himself as a more adventurous dresser than his cohorts, known to dig a good print and wear a heeled boot like you won't be expected to walk anywhere. As he truly began to break out as the band's style star, though, Styles was predominantly a Saint Laurent stan (with hints of Lanvin and Marc Jacobs sprinkled throughout). Then, Michele was named creative director of the brand in early 2015 — and by that summer, the performer began to dabble in new Gucci, slowly at first (with a single necktie), then went all in (with an entirely printed suit.) And so, a new chapter began.
Soon enough, most of his memorable get-ups were plucked straight from the label's runway — be it on album covers (Made In The A.M.), music videos ("Perfect," the forthcoming "Sign of the Times"), editorials, daytime and late-night appearances, red carpets...you name it. Just as quickly as he developed a penchant for Gucci's flower-pinned ribbon ties, the requests for a Harry Styles-fronted campaign began. By June 2016, there were already 6,820 tweets about the star wearing Gucci, Vogue reported.
Right now, the 23-year-old's relationship with the Italian house appears to simply be one of mutual admiration. But one has to wonder, is it only a matter of time? It's hard to think of a better, more symbiotic influencer-brand relationship that what could come out of a Styles/Michele collaboration. (Okay, maybe only a Blue Ivy campaign could top it.) The people have spoken, and all we can do now is wait — and reminisce about our favorite Harry-in-Gucci moments to tide us over until they make their relationship official. Our roundup is by no means comprehensive (partly because there are simply too many phenomenal moments to count), but here are some highlights of Styles' greatest Gucci hits, in the hopes that one party will finally pick up the phone.

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