This Strange Bread Is Going Viral On Pinterest

Most of the time, the recipes we see over and over again on Pinterest involve chocolate, cheese, or the colours of the rainbow. Usually, for a dish to receive a noteworthy number of pins, it has to have an element that makes it look delicious, nutritious, or even just beautiful. That's why we were a little surprised when we recently started to hear that a recipe for a pretty bland-looking bread is being pinned by tons of Pinterest users. The dish is called Survival Bread, and it can be made with just a few simple ingredients.
Country Living brought our attention to the wild popularity of Survival Bread. It suggests that many people are pinning the recipe because it's a useful one for campers and hikers. It's a handy recipe for people who like the great outdoors because it can very easily be thrown together and cooked over a fire. Plus the loaves are also considered nonperishable, and when stored in an airtight container, they can last over a year. Food & Wine also recently pointed out that the bread is popular among Pinterest users in Alaska, which makes sense seeing as they get some long and brutal winters up there.
Type "Survival Bread" into the Pinterest search bar, and you'll get hundreds of results. Most of the recipes are extremely simple and some only require three ingredients, all of which you most-likely already have on hand. LEAFtv's Survival Bread is made with flour, salt, and water. Other recipes call for sugar, baking powder, butter, or shortening. Some bakers even enhance the practical staple by adding oats and honey, so you too can make it your own. Perhaps, add some rainbow sprinkles and call it Unicorn Survival Bread. Now that is sure to be a recipe that gets a lot of interest on Pinterest.

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