This Couple Was Heard Having Extremely Loud Sex During A Tennis Match

Tennis player Frances Tiafoe may have won a match at the Sarasota Open last night, but it's pretty clear that the real winners were the couple whose sex noises were loud enough to briefly derail the game.
On Tuesday night, Tiafoe was playing a match against Mitchell Krueger when they were interrupted by the sounds of sweet, sweet lovemaking. Though momentarily stalled, the players took it in stride, with Krueger even hitting the ball in the direction of the noise (which starts at 0:15, in case you're interested in getting to the good parts.)
At first, announcer Mike Cation thought that the noises were coming from an "adult film" playing from a phone somewhere in the stands.
But when the sounds escalated (at 1:30), it became clear that they weren't coming from someone's phone.
“I can still hear it," he can be heard saying. "It’s still going. What is going on?”
Of course, once he realised what was going on, the very game announcer switched over to narrating the noises instead of the match.
"That's an apartment across the lake!" he announced. "Oh, my god... At least somebody's having a good night."
Meanwhile, Tiafoe exclaimed, "It can't be that good!" as the crowd erupted in laughter.
"Well, that is... the most bizarre situation," Cation conceded.
Tiafoe went on to win the match with a score of 6-2, and the happy couple hopefully went on to continue having sex as loudly as they want.

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