This Viral Photo Of A "Revenge Sandwich" Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

Photographed by Anna Alexia Basile.
If we've learned anything from Friends, it's to never mess with another person's sandwich. But, one woman recently used this tactic to seek revenge on her husband, after he made a very rude comment, and we're going to have to side with her one this one.
Mashable just drew our attention to two photos posted to Imgur earlier today, and they could very well be the best things on the internet. The user who shared them, vollkoemmenes, made the title of the post, “Called my wife a sandwich maker.” Obviously, he should have known better than that, but don’t worry, we’re guessing he isn’t going make this idiotic mistake again. That’s because his wife did something very clever to make sure he never forgets that she’s much more than a sandwich maker.
The first photo shows a pretty standard looking sandwich. One bite is taken out of the bread and the ham, which exposes a piece of still-wrapped American cheese. The wrapped cheese has bite makes in it, so the eater clearly didn’t know there was going to be plastic in this sandwich. That’s a pretty good way mess with someone, but in case it wasn’t clear that this was done intentionally to teach this tactless guy a lesson, the “sandwich maker” added one more brilliant detail. When the man opened his sandwich to remove the plastic, he found a little message written in permanent marker on the cheese’s wrapper. It said, “NOT sorry.” Scroll through to see it.
Commenters are echoing our thought about how brilliant this woman's stunt was. One user even wrote, "Absolutely glorious. I showed my husband so that he's aware of the new threat." That's right, anyone who doesn't make their own lunch sandwiches, beware. And, maybe this plasticky cheese lesson is a reminder that no relationship has to have a designated sandwich eater and the sandwich maker. Maybe it's time to split up the lunch-packing duties.

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