This Teen Had A Hilarious Response When A Boy Asked Her For Nudes

There's nothing wrong with sending a steamy text or nude photo to a sexual partner — in fact, it has the potential to keep your relationship feeling fresh.
But if you're getting unwanted requests (and, uh, if you're under-age), it's definitely not okay. So major props to 16-year-old Jacquie Ross for the genius way she responded in just such a situation. Ross was texting with a friend named Michael last week when he asked for a picture of her outfit, BuzzFeed reports.
At first, Michael was talking about Ross's prom dress, which she had sent him a photo of earlier that day. He wanted to see the full outfit, but Ross had just got out of the shower and was wearing only a towel, according to BuzzFeed.
So she texted that she wasn't "fit for being seen right now," and when Michael asked why, Ross sent a photo of herself wearing a face mask.
The photo also showed her bare shoulders, though, which apparently made Michael think it was okay to ask what was "below the picture."
When Ross responded with a photo of herself wrapped in a towel and holding up her middle finger, Michael didn't take the hint.
"What's under the towel," he texted. So Ross sent another photo, of a towel underneath her towel. That still didn't discourage Michael, who then said something truly terrible.
"What's under that? I'm gonna get what I want."
Ross just kept piling on towels until Michael finally wrote, "Take off all of the towels on your body and take a pic." So Ross did. And in her next photo, she was wearing a robe. When Michael asked what was under the robe she opened it up to reveal...another towel.
When their text stream finally came to an end, Ross posted screenshots of the conversation to her Tumblr page, where it has more than 70,000 notes at the time of writing.
Although it seems like Ross isn't too upset about Michael's insistence, and the whole conversation may have been a huge joke, some commenters find one thing Michael said particularly troublesome.
"I think it's funny how everyone's creeped out by 'I'm gonna get what I want,'" Ross told BuzzFeed. "My all time favourite thing is how officially, more people hate him than there are in my entire county."
Whether this was a joke or not, it's pretty badass that Ross shut this creepy (and possibly illegal) nonsense down. Reminder: You don't have to send nude photos to anyone if you don't want to.

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