Trump Mocked His Tiny Desk & Of Course Twitter Has Thoughts

Ah, the life of a president. One day, you get to sit in a big-boy truck — the next, you're stuck at a little-kid desk. Fresh on the heels of his stint starring in the most thrilling internet children's book ever, Donald Trump sat down in the Roosevelt Room today to sign some new legislation. Apparently, the desk provided for him was not quite up to snuff — or up to size, rather.
"This is a child's desk," he told those assembled around him for the occasion, "but that's okay." He took a seat regardless, continuing the commentary to his now-towering staffers: "This is the smallest desk I've ever seen. Very, very glamorous, right?"
CNN explained that because Trump was signing the papers in the Roosevelt Room, he had to use the portable signing desk instead of the usual historic clunker: the Oval Office's imposing Resolute Desk, which "was crafted from timbers of a 19th-century Arctic exploration ship." Well then. Sounds like a big-boy desk indeed.
Obviously absolutely no one was surprised when the tweets started rolling in — making jokes about the tiny desk and referencing everything from Trump's hands (of course) to Alec Baldwin's now-iconic SNL impersonation of the president.
"I will keep working with Congress, with every agency, and most importantly, the American people, until we eliminate every unnecessary, harmful and job-killing regulation that we can find," Trump said at the signing ceremony, according to ABC.
The cringe-worthy twist here is one that many tweeters have pointed out: While Trump was seated at this "child's desk," he was signing legislation to repeal Obama-era education standards involving teacher preparation and school performance. Oh, the irony.

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