Happy National Puppy Day, Here's South Korea's Cutest Dog Tattoo Artist

There was a time when, as a wee lass, I would nonchalantly announce that I have 11 tattoos and would be met with many raised eyebrows and much concern for my well-being. But not in 2017. Because tattoos are everywhere now. There are cattoos and a million finger tattoos and light-up tattoos and even Bieber has new giant animal tattoos. So what are you waiting for? The time to get inked is now, it seems.
Don't worry: You don't need to go the unnervingly-patriotic-eagle-splashed-across-your-entire-torso route like Biebs. Instead, why not celebrate National Puppy Day with a surprisingly delicate pup tat courtesy of South Korea's most Insta-famous tattooist, Sol?
What, you're not a dog person? Oh don't worry: Sol Tattoo does cat tats, too. And flowers. And exact replicas of Impressionist paintings. You know, the usual.
"I always knew, ever since I started seeing tattoos, that people love to memorialize their pets," famous "cattoo" artist Betty Rose told us in an interview. "I have [pet tattoos] myself, so it was natural to do them...These things happen, they spiral. Once you do something that somebody thinks is great, they get it, and then they tell their friends, and the friend gets it, and another friend gets it...I will forever be grateful for anybody who lets me tattoo their pet on them because I know how much it means."
It seems like the mysterious Sol (who doesn't seem to have a website but does have some stellar stuff on social media) is of a similar opinion. Scope some of Sol's sweetest canine/feline illustration tattoos below, and head to the shop's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more.
Oh, and if you still need another dose of heartwarming in your National Puppy Day, here are some pups that help kids who have survived crimes. If that doesn't make you feel so warm and fuzzy you just have to get a permanent portrait of your nearest furry friend inked onto your body, nothing will.

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