There's Now A Nail Polish That Tastes Like Prosecco

Will the trend for prosecco-flavoured things never cease? We’ve had prosecco-flavoured teabags, crisps and even a whole festival dedicated to the stuff. And the latest prosecco-flavoured product to hit the market is perhaps the strangest yet.
Drumroll please… You can now coat your nails in prosecco-flavoured nail polish. Yep, really.
The bubbly nectar may have a bit of a "reputation", but we have to admit it’s popular for a reason – the key one being that it’s freakin’ delicious. Perhaps it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a way for us to consume the sweet flavour all day long – via our nails.
Groupon has created “the world’s first edible prosecco flavoured nail polish”, which allegedly contains “real prosecco” and supposedly smells and tastes like our favourite tipple. (It sounds like a joke, but the Metro contacted the company and it’s very much a real thing.)
“With a delicate gold lustre, this lick-able polish looks exquisite, giving you the fun of the flavour without a sore head the next day,” Groupon says.
In theory, this means you’d be able to wear the golden concoction and get a delicious hit of prosecco during a tedious meeting or depressing commute, all by nibbling on your own nails (notwithstanding the puzzled looks from colleagues and fellow passengers).
In reality, though, this probably isn’t a great idea. Because not only it is highly gross and unsafe to put all those germs in your mouth, the nail polish itself also contains some less tasty-sounding ingredients.
Watch out for the shellac E904, propylene glycol, sodium saccharin, R555 potassium aluminium silicate, E171 titanium dioxide and E172 iron oxide, also found in the “extremely flammable” mixture.
Groupon also warns wearers not to drink the nail polish, meaning that, sadly, it’s probably not advisable to knock it back even if the bar’s run dry and the corner shop has closed.
If you’re still considering partaking in this bizarre beauty trend, you’ll have to enter Groupon’s Mother’s Day competition to be in with a chance of winning a bottle, because it won't be going on sale. Good luck...

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