Hold Up, This London Restaurant Has Officially Banned Avocado

Photographed by Molly Cranna.
If one food item sums up breakfast and brunch in 2017, it's surely the avocado. In Amsterdam, there's a whole restaurant devoted to the beautifully green and creamy fruit. And these days, British shoppers apparently spend more on avocados than they do on oranges.
However, a new London restaurant called Firedog reckons we've "done avocado to death" and has decided to implement a "strict no avocado policy." Their all-day menu offers "eggs as you like them," "flaked smoked mackerel," and "toasted muesli," which all sounds delicious, but there's definitely no avocado toast.
Firedog, which describes its menu as "Aegean-inspired," says it's the first restaurant in the UK to ban the humble avocado. "We're frankly bored of seeing it on every breakfast and brunch menu," Head Chef George Notley explains. "The ever-evolving cooking methods used in Aegean street food inspired us to create a colourful menu rich in interesting flavours and fresh ingredients. All without an avocado in sight!"
Now, this is obviously a clever way for Firedog to stand out in London's increasingly competitive breakfast and brunch scene. But at the same time, anything that encourages restaurants to assemble more adventurous (and less predictable) all-day menus is definitely a good thing. Besides, we can always sate our avocado cravings at home with these incredibly easy avo-based recipes.

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