This Is When You Should Chuck Your Makeup

When was the last time you gave your makeup bag a good clean? We mean a proper, thorough, deep clean? No, we can't remember either... Considering the fact that we apply makeup directly to our skin, which we make such an effort to take care of, it's kind of weird that we'd blindly cover it in products that are unhygienic and aren't in the best shape.
Well, now is the time to throw away those crusty mascaras, bin that cracked powder, and chuck that goopy lipgloss in the trash. A new report from online hair and beauty retailer Hairtrade has revealed just how long your makeup products and tools last before getting, well, gross.
You can keep track of your favourite products' expiry date by noting the symbol found by the list of ingredients: a round pot with an open lid. On the symbol there will be a number and the letter 'M' – this is how long it'll last. For example, 12 M is 12 months, 5 M is five months, and so on.
Click through to see how long you should let each product, from sponges to powders, live in your makeup bag, and learn to keep your maquillage hygienic and fresh.

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