Your New Late-Afternoon Obsession Is Here: Wine-Infused Coffee

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Peanut butter and jam has nothing on this.
While you may love that particular combo, there's about to be a new pairing that'll have you forgetting about your childhood favourite.
Thanks to two Napa Valley powerhouses, you can have it all. Wine-infused coffee exists and it's out to revolutionise your late-afternoon doldrums and brunches alike.
According to FoodBev, Molinari Private Reserve is the result of Wild Card Roasters and Napa Valley vintners. Together, they've developed a new beverage that brings together two of your favorite things. The best part? The combo takes all the great benefits from both wine and coffee — namely, antioxidants — and brings 'em together for the ultimate cup.
It took over two years to develop the special concoction. To create it, roasted coffee beans get rehydrated to a "specific liquid percentage" using a unique blend of red wine created by notable Napa Valley wineries. And lest you think the coffee is an afterthought, one of the guys behind this combo is John Weaver, a one-time master roaster for Peet's Coffee.
After the beans soak up all that wine goodness, they're dried and roasted again. Molinari Private Reserve describes the resulting coffee as having a blueberry-tinged flavour. Depending on how you prep it, you can bring out different notes and flavours. The brand says that you can create lattes and espresso shots as well as prep the brew via French press. Iced coffee your thing? You can make cold brew, too. Adding milk will bring out the wine notes and using a French press will bring out more of the blueberry flavours. If you take your coffee black, you'll get a well-balanced brew.
Can't wait to get your hands on this special roast? Here's some good news: While select cafés around Napa Valley will serve the coffee, it's available online, too.

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