Lorde Teased New Music In A Strange & Quirky Ad

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
"FINALLY!" I scream from atop the nearest mountain. It's been over three years since Lorde released her last full album, and we've been waiting for her brilliant follow up to "Royals" ever since. She first piqued fan interest back in November with a message on her Facebook page about getting back in the studio and working on a new album — but then didn't say another word about it.
On Monday, after months of staying tight-lipped about her next release, the 20-year-old posted a link to a website on all of her social media platforms. It's called "I'm Waiting For It," and it takes you to a single webpage with a short video (like, just twelve seconds) of the singer sitting in the back of a car eating french fries.
While I weirdly could and would watch Lorde eating french fries for probably hours, I came to the website to learn more about her music, and now things are even more mysterious.
At least we know that, per the end of the video, something is happening on March 2 in NYC, and then March 3 in New Zealand, where she's from. In the background of the video, we hear a muffled and brief clip of music. It's upbeat and sounds like it could be the beginning of a really awesome song, but we don't know if it even has anything to do with her announcement.
Then, there's the question of the clue at the top of the website. When you open the page, a starred out word appears on the tab where normally the name of the website would go. "M*******A," it says.
Is this the name of a song? The album? Or is it not a word at all and instead a symbol? It kind of feels like we're solving a crossword clue — new Lorde music, nine letters long, beginning with an M and ending with an A. Margarita? Marijuana? Mona Lisa? Do any of those sound like something Lorde would write music about? Luckily, we don't have to wait too long to find out.

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