This Coffee Butter Is Everything Your Toast Needs

If you're a morning person, then you've probably got that whole breakfast thing down. But for some of us, toast and coffee is the extent of our post-pillow, pre-workday breakfast effort.

However, this new breakfast spread just might change the game. According to Mashable, in Japan the company Snow Brand Coffee Soft has made the ultimate breakfast spread hybrid: coffee butter.

That's right with one flick of the wrist you can skip the cup and instead slather your caffeine on your morning toast. Regular butter? Nah. Nutella? So 2016. It's not clear how much caffeine is in each serving, but Mashable has noted that it's retailing for roughly £2, not including shipping costs.

The "sweet and creamy" spread is set to release on March 1. It will mark the 50th anniversary of the company's popular Megmilk Snow Brand.

The quick, no muss no fuss breakfast perfect for anti-morning, anti-A.M. cooking zombies like myself.

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