You'll Never Guess Kate Middleton's Secret To Glowing Skin

Photo: SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock.
We’re used to hearing some crazy celebrity beauty secrets. Kim Kardashian swears by the powers of a Vampire Facial. Selena Gomez likes to wrap herself in a sweat cocoon to "detox." But with all that luxury, it's easy to forget stars are people too — who also like DIY treatments. Even Kate Middleton, everyone's favourite princess, has treated her skin using ingredients sourced from her (royal) kitchen cabinet.

According to Deborah Mitchell, Middleton's beautician and founder of Heaven Skincare, the secret to her ethereal glow is Nutella. (Yeah, you read that right.) She revealed on TV that the at-home facial includes a jar of the stuff, a little sugar, and some lip balm. While it does sound a little wild, the news should come as too much of a surprise. Middleton has been known to slather on bee venom from time to time, after all. So in case you're looking to channel your inner duchess, at least you can relish in the fact that this kind of royal treatment costs less than £20.

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