Zayn Malik Has His Own Line Of Emoji, So Now We Know What He and Gigi's Texts Look Like

It was only a matter of time before Zayn Malik hopped on the Emoji train, and it was worth the wait. On Valentine's Day (appropriate) the singer released a collection of over 240 Emoji stickers and three animations, all featuring various facial expressions and poses.

"Whether you love ZAYN for his music, his fashion or just wish he was bae… download ZAYNmoji now and start messaging your friends with ZAYNmoji stickers and GIFs," the app description reads.

Some of the highlights were posted on Twitter.
"Not sure what to say?" the description continues. "ZAYN has included a bunch of emojis with text to say it for you!" These include phrases like "Got ZAYNmoji?" as well as "Thirsty" and "Hi, I'm Zayn."

There are also so many types of Zayn in the collection: sunglasses Zayn, American Music Award Zayn, scarf Zayn, sleepy Zayn, exasperated Zayn — you name it, there's a Zayn for it. The only Emoji missing? The Gigi Hadid Emoji. Surely Zayn knows that stickers are better than flowers.

We'll cross our fingers for her appearance in the next update, but for now, grab the collection on iTunes for £1.99.

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