The World's First SCUBA Restaurant Lets You Eat Dinner Underwater

Photo: Yves Herman/Reuters.
If you're tired of all your usual dining options and are looking for something new and exciting, consider trying out a new restaurant called "The Pearl." This place offers a completely unique dining experience because it's actually located underwater.

According to Reuters, to eat here, you'll have to first put on SCUBA gear and dive five meters in one of the deepest pools in the world. Once you've made it down, you and your dinner companion will remove your equipment and climb inside a two-meter wide pod.

The underwater capsule has a little table inside where you'll sit and enjoy your food. Just like at regular restaurants, the food is brought to you by waiters. These waiters, though, are actually expert scuba divers, and they aren't bringing run-of-the-mill dishes. Reuters reports, the food is placed in jars and then carried underwater in airtight cases. And, it's a good thing they take such care to protect the food because the menu only offers high-end items like foie gras, lobster salad, and fine champagne.

Are you ready to take the dive? Not so fast. To dine at the Pearl, you'll first have to travel to Brussels, Belgium where it's located. Then, you'll have to pay around £80 per person to get a reservation. Take a look.

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