18 Celebrities Who Rock Leggings Outside Of The Gym

Okay, can we all agree that the leggings debate is pretty much over at this point? For some pretty obvious reasons (including their undeniable utility), they're here to stay. And really, do we have to explain why it's difficult to denounce an item of clothing that is as comfortable and versatile as a trusty pair of leggings? Like us, you probably have a pair — or five — in your closets. But we're not afraid to say we're satisfied with the way celebrities have added new meaning to the everyday staple. They've gone from being something you probably only wore with a yoga mat in hand to the stretchy bottoms that, no matter how hard you try, you just can't quit.
But there's been an influx of nouveau legging iterations popping up inside (and outside) of airports, sidewalks, and even Fashion Week that we can get behind. Whether they're matte black or straight-up leather, the celebs ahead have inadvertently made themselves ambassadors of the go-to bottoms. And look, money and fame aside, if these ladies can pull it off, then that means leggings are one step closer to being universally considered as a necessity instead of one's saving grace. Click ahead for some inspiration for the next day you're feeling equal levels lazy and fashionable.

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