Guys Guess What Beautyblenders Are For & You Have To Commend Their Creativity

What's even more fun than watching guys narrate makeup tutorials? Watching them misidentify the products in them. As a (genius) experiment, vlogger Selena Faye challenged her Twitter followers to show their boyfriends a picture of a Beautyblender and ask them to guess what it was.
"I was texting a guy friend and he just swore he pays so much attention, even when I’m doing my makeup," she told Buzzfeed. "So I sent him a pic of the beauty blender and asked him, 'what’s this?' And his reply was 'a makeup brush.' He was so wrong." And, it turns out, many others were too. The guesses included "egg," "klown nose," "Ernie's nose," "apple," "stress reliever," and "butt plug." We really hope nobody these speculations don't influence how anyone uses these.
But our favourite was "that piece of shit that you always make me get up to go soak."
Of course, if you're a dude who's well-versed in the art of the Beautyblender, power to you. But if you're not, we have to thank you for the endless entertainment.

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