Sending These Emoji Can Cause A Friend’s iPhone To Crash

Photo: Ezra Bailey/Getty Images
Don't let this new video fall into the hands of your enemies, because it details how to crash anyone's iPhone simply by sending them a particular text. Posted by YouTube channel EverythingApplePro, the video gives step-by-step instructions for how a seemingly innocuous set of symbols and emoji can actually freeze someone's entire phone. Described as "poison for the iPhone," the text is simply the white flag emoji, a zero, and the rainbow emoji side-by-side. Shooting it to anyone with a phone running iOS 10 will immediately cause their phone to freeze — and we mean immediately. They don't even have to open the message for this set of symbols to wreak its havoc. After three to five minutes of being frozen, the phone crashes, turns back on, and everything's fine.
If you try to copy/paste these symbols in other areas of the iPhone, you also hit a dead end. Maps, notes, search, you name it. The moment it appears, whatever app you're using crashes. According to the video, the reason iOS has such difficulty with these symbols is because it's trying to combine them into one rainbow flag emoji, but it can't. It has the phone equivalent of a brain fart. While the results are pretty cut and dry, the logistics aren't. You can't send the message by composing a regular text because your phone will just crash. Instead, there are a few somewhat tedious methods you can try to really ruin your friends' (or enemies') afternoon.

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