Why Your Apple Apps Are About To Get More Expensive

Photo: Rockie Nolan
We're not even close to leaving the European Union yet, but Brexit is already affecting our lives. It's been blamed for everything from the £100 billion black hole in Britain's finances to the rising price of fish, and now there's another reason to be annoyed. Apple is increasing the price of apps in the UK by almost 25% because of the weakening of the pound since the Brexit vote. The company will introduce a new tariff that enshrines parity between the dollar and the pound for the first time, The Times reported. This means apps that currently cost 79p in the UK and 99¢ in the US will be sold for 99p and those costing £1.49 will rise to £1.99. More expensive apps, such as games like Super Mario Run, which currently cost £7.99, will now cost £9.99. The good news is that Apple will also be introducing price tiers of 49p and 79p for developers who want to continue selling their apps for the same price or reduce the cost. Apple announced the price rises in an email to app developers yesterday, telling them, “when foreign exchange rates or taxation changes, we sometimes need to update prices on the App Store”, The Guardian reported. The price of music, films, books and TV shows sold on the iTunes store won't increase just yet, but it's thought they could be the subject of a similar price hike soon, reported The Times.

This isn't the first time that Apple has raised its prices in the UK following Brexit – in October the company increased the cost of its computers by up to £500, attributing the change to shifting exchange rates. So, if you'd like to save a few bob, now is the time to download that app you've been pondering over.

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