These Adorable Foam Animals Make For Latte Art Like You’ve Never Seen

It may be a little embarrassing, but we're probably all guilty of snapping photos of our morning lattes. If your Instagram feed is filled with pictures of beautiful foam leaves and hearts, we're about to tell you something that's going to make you want to jump on a plane to Hong Kong, ASAP. That's because Hong Kong is the location of Leo's Espresso Bar where the most adorable and artistic foam creations are made. With some help from Cosmopolitan, we discovered that Leo's serves up lattes topped with 3D foam sculptures of all sorts of different kinds of animals. Order a coffee there, and you could get a pig peeking out of your cup or two cats taking a bath in your drink. You may also find characters you love like Hello Kitty or the aliens from Toy Story.

3D Cappuccino ?

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These 3D foam figures' faces are intricately drawn on with different coloured dyes, and the tiny details on their bodies are seriously impressive — almost too impressive to drink? Instagram videos shared by the Leo's Espresso Instagram account show off how the foam characters do a little jiggly dance when you shake your cup, giving them even more personality. Seriously, these foam animals make the little spirals you get on your lattes from the cafe around the corner look just plain boring.

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