There’s Actually An App To Help You Get Divorced

According to the latest stats, in 2014 111,169 marriages in the UK ended in divorce. To be fair, that number is actually a lot lower than it has been in previous years but, well, when you consider that around 240,000 marriages occur each year, it's still a lot. Right now is an especially popular time for divorce. According to new stats from divorce app amicable, one in 10 couples decide to get divorced after the stress of the holiday period. Hang on a second, though... divorce app? Yes, that's really a thing that exists. Because, well, this is the world we live in now. So, how does amicable work? Well, if you are getting divorced, it sounds like it might actually be a bit of a lifesaver. See, what you might not have taken into account is that divorces can end up costing a terrifying £8,000 per person which, let's face it, probably isn’t the kind of cash most people have to hand. amicable reckons that, for £950 (slightly more manageable), they can take you through the process with your very own ‘expert divorce coach’ who can help you find arrangements for the children, figure out how to split your finances – and they complete and file all the necessary forms. The app was cofounded by Kate Daly, who suffered a "traumatic and expensive" divorce. To her, involving lawyers was one of the toughest parts as it meant "emotional damage" and unexpected costs. Together with her friend Pip Wilson, she created the app as a way for divorcing couples to "stay in control of their divorce and not feel overwhelmed. To help couples find a positive future apart." Well, if apps can help plan your wedding, buy a house and sort your finances, why can’t they help you get divorced, too?

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