What Kendall Jenner Eats When She’s Hungover Makes Us Love Her Even More

Photo: Michael Stewart/FilmMagic.
Hopefully you've already fully recovered from whatever celebrating you did on New Year's Eve, but 2017 is sure to bring a few more hangovers. That means there will be plenty of opportunities to cook up Kendall Jenner's go-to hangover food, which she recently shared on her website. Jenner's cure is Martha Stewart's macaroni and cheese recipe. As you'd expect from Martha, this mac and cheese is several notches above anything you'd get out of a blue box. The comfort food includes bacon, bread crumbs, and three different types of cheese — gouda, gruyere, and grated parmesan. The baked dish looks like it would hit the spot no matter how you're feeling, and the recipe is pretty easy. Still, it does seem to require just a little more effort than you may want to exert the morning after a fun party. Don't worry, like a true socialite, Kendall recognises that. That's why she suggests making the mac and cheese before you hit the town, and reheating it when you need it. You may never get to party quite like Kendall Jenner, but at least now you can nurse your hangover the same way she does.

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