May We Present Lady Victoria Beckham In Waiting (For Her Uber)

Photo: Alo Ceballos/Getty Images.
Back in the old days — we're talking, like, the 1800s — to be a lady in waiting was to assume the role of personal assistant to someone of a higher or royal court. There was Lady Mary (Boleyn), who was the assistant to her sister, the English queen Anne Boleyn. Then came Lady Mabell Ogilvy, Countess of Airlie, the lady in waiting to Queen Mary, keeper of her bedchamber. And today, we present to you Lady Victoria Caroline Beckham, our favourite mogul, waiting for her Uber. Okay, okay, we're just kidding. Let's be real: The Beckhams most likely don't take Ubers. Here, Mrs. Beckham is not waiting for her app-beckoned ride like us plebes, of course. Because of the impeccable lighting courtesy of the paparazzi's flashes, she's clearly posing for photographs upon entering her chauffeured car to VB HQ. But it's the shadow of serenity that surrounds her, the angel-like aura that accents her crème-coloured turtleneck, that has us so mesmerised. That, and of course, the rest of her #ootd: the impeccably tailored pair of plaid Annie Hall-esque pants paired with what could be called her "daytime heels," opening at the top of her foot just so, like a blossoming white rose during spring. But wait — what God-given reason does she have to wear a turtleneck that's so...exaggerated and chin-obscuring? That's so...Posh? What could she be hiding that we round-the-clock chroniclers of all things fashion need to know? Could it be a minimalist choker, her major-key version of the anti-choker turtleneck? Or is it a swath of hickeys from her husband, Sir David Robert Joseph Beckham? Look, we have a lot of questions, clearly. But for now, we'll leave you with this fabulous moment in Mother Posh's long-standing reign of street style. Reblog it, tweet it, make a meme out of it — hell, tape it to the inside of your cubicle at work to remind yourself that you, too, can dominate the sidewalk with a statement turtleneck so dramatic, it resembles a neck brace. But until we get our answers (and believe you us, we will get to the bottom of this), we'll be waiting...for our cab — because the subway is delayed, yet again — and trying to look an iota as posh as Posh.

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