The Best Beauty Tweets Of 2016 Will Have You In Stitches

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Where would we be without viral tweets? If it weren't for these messages on Twitter, we'd go through life thinking we were alone in our makeup addictions. We'd be left wondering whether our highlight is too poppin’ (spoiler alert: it’s not). And, of course, we'd never get to laugh over all those Kermit makeup memes that see straight into our souls.

Thankfully, these tweets do exist. And 2016 has supplied us with some of the best, most hilarious tweets that any beauty lover would appreciate. So in the spirit of sharing, we decided to compile a list of some of our favourites so that you can re-live the platform’s funniest moments. Some are decidedly 2016 — a year in which beauty vloggers curled their hair with anything but a curling iron. Others are classic memes that'll ring true for years to come. But all of them are damn good.

Click through the slides for some of the best beauty tweets of the year — and get ready to RT like crazy.

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