15 Gilmore Girls Moments That Are Adorably Dated

The Gilmore Girls revival is (finally) just days away. Like so many fans, I've been hard at work preparing for November 25 by binge-watching the original seven seasons on Netflix. Besides immersing myself in Rory and Lorelai's many romantic relationships, town meetings, business ventures, and mountains of schoolwork, I was also reminded just how far technology has come since the show first premiered 16 years ago.
At the beginning of Gilmore Girls' seven-year run, the characters only communicated via landline. By the end, they had embraced texting. For many of the characters, tech transitions were anything but seamless, and even in the final season, the devices now seem hilariously ancient. As weird as it is to see the citizens of Stars Hollow using clunky cellphones and Wi-Fi for the first time, it would be even stranger to see them with smartphones in their hands. Who knows? The revival could even bring us a scene of Lorelai and Rory enjoying one of their classic movie nights through a couple of VR headsets.
Before that happens, we're taking one last look back at the old-school devices and tech terminology the Gilmore girls were using during the first decade of the millennium.

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