The Internet Loves This Guy Who Showed Up At 2 A.M. To Give His Best Friend A Hug

People are shouting it from the rooftops: Get you a friend like Jeffrey. Jeffrey is the best friend of teen Nicole Aramboles who showed up at her house at 2 a.m. simply to give her a hug. Aramboles posted about the incident on Twitter and it went viral, being retweeted around 40,000 times and causing people to start shipping the two students, hoping they'll get together. Buzzfeed reports that 16-year-old Nicole Aramboles was feeling sad on a Friday night, so she told Jeffrey that she “was so tired and wasn’t in a good mood.” He offered to "deliver a hug" and it turns out he was dead serious. Since he lives just five minutes from Nicole, Jeffrey showed up not long after and created the most heartwarming viral moment of 2016.
And that's not the end of the story. Nicole followed up on her original tweet, letting fans know they "got breakfast afterwards so he didn't show up to my house just for a hug" and dispelled rumours by insisting that they're "just best friends he doesn't 'like' me." That being said, dating Jeffrey is not something Nicole has ruled out.
So of course, the internet is can't stop talking about the duo, cooing over the moment, even if it wasn't romantic.
People are even trying it out themselves.
TBH, this is the story the end of 2016 so desperately needed.

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