This Chrome Hack Replaces Trump Photos With Something Way Better

Though he may look a lot like a Cheeto, photos of Donald Trump's face are actually doing a lot to kill my appetite right now. It sucks to be overwhelmed with nausea every time I open a new internet tab and see his picture accompanying nearly every news post. But, on the bright side, I'm not the only one who's been feeling sickened by it. That's why there's a new extension for Google Chrome that will replace photos of Trump with something so much more appetising — a burger. "Make Trump Burger Again," as it's called, was created last week by the Australian hamburger restaurant Mr. Burger. I guess the burger-loving folk down under were feeling sorry for Americans following the election, so they released this extension as their way of trying to "make the internet great again."
So far, user reviews show that people are excited by the idea behind the extension, but it looks like there's still a lot of room for improvement. A reviewer named Adele wrote ,"This isn't bad. It misses some newer pictures, but otherwise is very good for my blood pressure." While another named Jacob reported, "Wonderful idea, I'm tired of seeing that monster's face and I LOVE burgers. Could do with a bit of work though, lots of pics of that fucktard's orange face still slipping through the cracks."
So while it doesn't look like its a full-proof way to prevent extreme bouts of Trump-related anger, depression, and queasiness, it's at least an improvement. For vegetarian Trump haters, we'll have to come up with something else.

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