Feast Your Eyes On This Video Of The World’s Fattest Sushi Roll Being Made

Photo: Getty Images.
When you're going out to eat with a big group of friends, sushi is always a great option. Most sushi restaurants have a huge selection; you can order rolls with raw fish, cooked fish, or just veggies. There seems to be something for almost everyone, and each order comes with many rolls, making sushi an ideal meal for sharing. The Sushi Chef Institute in California recently kicked sushi's "shareability" factor into high gear with one record-breaking roll. The institute made a super thick sushi roll a few weeks ago, to draw attention to its upcoming Japanese Food Festival, which will be held on November 13. The video was first captured by Mallory Carra of Couch Potato Cook and is now being shared all over the internet. Though it's certainly the most gigantic sushi roll we've ever laid eyes on, according to Thrillist, it's not actually the longest one in history. That title goes to an 8,273-foot-long sushi roll made in Russia back in 2011. Still, we're just as impressed by the handiwork of the folks over at the Sushi Chef Institute, because we can actually watch this one being made, and it's mind-blowing. Watch the video below — and maybe give the Institute's chefs a call and see if they can cater your next big party with one massive California roll.

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