The New Dating App For People With *Specs Appeal

Illustration by Anna Sudit
If you wear glasses, you'll know the internal to-ing and fro-ing that comes with meeting new people. Do I keep my specs on to appear intelligent and sophisticated, or just wear contacts to avoid coming across as a bookish nerd? Luckily, a new dating app has been specifically designed with us bespectacled folk in mind. SPEX, for people who wear glasses or are attracted to those who do, launched last month and aims to “bring the sex back in to wearing specs". The app, which is still in development and currently only exists as a website, was the brainchild of Charly Lester, 33, who was inspired by her own self-consciousness when dating in glasses. “I wear glasses, and when I go on a first date I usually wear contacts as I am a bit embarrassed about them," she told the Evening Standard. "But I realised some people actually really like glasses and some people even say they find it their partner’s most attractive feature." Users must create their profile using Facebook and can make as much information public as they like. They must include their age, location, height and whether they wear glasses or just have a thing for people who do. If they're a glasses wearer, they must then use five words to answer the question: “I think my glasses make me look...”
The basic app will be free to use, allowing you to browse through profiles or message people, but there will also be the option to pay £4.80 a month to access premium features. Lester, who writes the dating blog 30 Dates and founded the UK dating awards, said "wearing glasses is nothing to be ashamed of", reported the Evening Standard. “Whether you wear them to look more intelligent, for geeky chic, or simply because you’re too lazy to use contact lenses, I think your specs look sexy and I know other people do too. We want to put the sex back in to wearing specs.” With a huge range of specialist dating apps available – including for people who voted Remain, who like facial hair and even for fans of Pokemon Go – Lester said it was about time one existed for glasses wearers. We should've seen this one coming, but we weren't wearing our glasses.

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